Municipal Seperate Stormwater
Sewer System (MS4) Survey

Responding to the needs of a municipal planning department, this project combined the collection of spatial and tabular data of a large municipal stormwater drainage system, culminating with the production of an interactive 3D model and presentation.

To collect and catalog geospatial data regarding the location, condition, and anatomy of a vital infrastructure system in order to perform comprehensive modeling and data analysis.

Role - Lead
Project Type - GIS Analysis, Data Management

Affiliation - Clarkstown Planning Department
Timeframe - June 2017 -- Ongoing

Elevation, road, and parcel data were gathered from surveying consultants, while municipal seperate stormwater sewer system (MS4) depth, direction, and other spatial attributes were collected by extensive first-hand fieldwork.

Datasets totaling over ten-thousand entries were topologically synthesized in a GIS environment  to created a complex geometric network. This system was subsequently reviewed for data accuracy and validity using a host of user-defined parameters.

Additionally, an in-depth digital presentation was created to showcase results and educate the public on the value of an MS4 system.


To augment data collection and analysis in municipalities with similar infrastructure, a guide book detailing effective quality control for geospatial data was also produced and shared freely.


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