︎︎︎ Cooperative Adaptation Strategies for Affordable Housing in New York City (CASA)

This project, developed through Cornell University’s Adaptive Land Lab, explores the typologies of low-income housing form and land tenure in New York City’s most flood vulnerable neighborhoods.

We identified the city’s most at-risk properties, under a variety of inundation scenarios, compiling a robust list of affordable housing to target with surveys. This includes the development of a data dashboard to showcase some of our project results.

Inundation Dashboard ︎

We explore how well existing government policies and funding programs support the kinds of housing found in such neighborhoods, and the challenges that residents have experienced trying to adapt to climate risks and disasters.

After identifying policy gaps, we compile existing collective ownership and governance strategies from around the United States and internationally to examine the extent to which they may be effective in overcoming the barriers and needs of New York’s diverse housing and tenure typologies.

A central goal of our project is to connect the fields of housing and climate adaptation both in academia and among NYC practitioners. We plan to convene an advisory group comprising housing advocacy and community organizations, academics, and government staff.